EMC News - Week 1 - Submissions

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  1. I recently seen Rock00888 announce his EMC newspaper...
    I am making this EMC news on the forum, not in a book, and i'm doing it more OCD...

    So, what I need is your stories. This can be anything from opening a shop, to development updates. Also note, on the forum you can use links.
    I also need advertisements for your stores, malls, hotels and public sheep farms. Do this by taking a picture of your mall/store etc, adding a logo onto it and explaining why yours is better than anybody else's.

    Submission form:
    The title of your story:
    Your paragraph/s (max is 5 paragraphs):

    Issue #1 of the newspaper will be out Saturday next week!
  2. I also need a unique, fun and cool title.
  3. Nice idea, but when it says your paragraph does that mean like to explain it?