EMC MVM game right now!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Mrlegitislegit, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Hello guys, i'm in the mood to play some MVM on TF2, and I found this server which is empty ATM

    Now, this game is just for fun, because on this server, you get kredits to upgrade by DAMAGE done, not by just picking it up, making this very easy, so if you play TF2, hope on this sever, and lets have some fun! :)
  2. ... advertising isn't allowed right?
  3. This is, TEAM, FORTRESS 2. Not, Minecraft
  4. This isn't even minecraft...
  5. It's a Team Fortress 2 server.
  6. Ok, i looked into TF2, then when i saw the downloading time, this was my reaction:
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  7. was fun, no one but me an legit was there though :p
  8. Had to go, so i'll bump this tomorrow for another try.
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  9. Starting this again right now! :)
  10. Anyone?

    *Edit* The map right now is Coal Town EVENT, which means its way 666, which is the longest and hardest wave in MVM, lets do this!
  11. Never mind, I give up.
  12. Never Mind, One more try. Come on, lets play some MVM!
  13. I might be able to make it. Please note I almost never play TF2 and are terrible at it.
  14. If you're going it come, come now, as i'm getting tired of waiting for people.
  15. Is TF2 free? I know it comes in steam. Also, is steam free?
  16. Its free, Steam is free, and TF2 takes awhile to download, so i'm just going to guess, that you will miss this.
  17. Yeah... Unfortunately. I played yesterday on my friends computer and it was pretty fun. I pulled a couple of leeroy Jenkins :p
  18. Well, i'm done with this, as this is just wasting my time. I was going to use this to see if there would be enough support for EMC TF2 games, but this has shown, there is not I was going to hold random games, MVM, and (To see if my theory is right..) TF2 giveaways. If you want to play, PM me, and i'll send you the IP of whatever server i'm on.
  19. Sorry, I started playing another game while I waited for a reply and, well, missed the reply.