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An EMC Museum?

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  1. Up until now residence 12094 has been empty, so i decided to do something useful with it! I am going to build an EMC Museum! The structure is only just started but I hope to finish it by mid Feb.. The museum will contain exhibits on everything from minecraft alpha, to ender dragons.
    However, I do not have the rupees to complete it on my own, so I am asking if some very generous EMCers would help out by giving money and materials. Right now I need Redstone lamps, redstone, stone bricks, fireworks, dispensers, gunpowder, a dragon egg, and other random items. All donations are greatly appreciated!
  2. Sounds good.
  3. I'd had this idea a while back on another server, I don't think I'd build one that would fit in here though, so here's some ideas I had floating around in my head.

    Use item frames (3x3) to show a crafting recipe, like 3 cobble in the top 3 frames, and a stick in the middle frames below that, to show how to make a pick for example.

    Another, some nice animal cages, almost like a zoo exhibit.

    Finally, I'm sure you could make a gift shop of sorts in the museum, not the best idea, but it'd be a way to gain rupees other than donations and would fit in just fine with the museum theme.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions! I do have a animal exhibit (come check it out at 12094) but I think I will add a basement achive of crafting recipes.
  5. Oh and I have set up some stands, but they are because donations have now slowed down and the museum needs to grow.
  6. Donations needed to help the museum grow, please donate if you can. Also visit 12094 to check out the museum so far!
  7. good luck with that ;)
  8. Thanks! I'm not holding my breath.
  9. That will be easy on the dragon tomb update :D
  10. Hopefully!
  11. 2012-12-29_13.13.47.png
    If this doesn't make you want to donate, idk what will. (I'm locked in the cat cage)