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Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by Mman, Aug 19, 2014.

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  1. Hello guys!
    Today I have some sad, and some not so sad news!
    I am now closing my museum to make way for a massive remodel! Gone are the days of the box and in its place a beautiful building springs forth. Many (2) of you have asked who is building this godly building and I am so pleased to announce Computrix as the Empire Minecraft Museum's Official Builder. Unfortunately this means the museum will be closed for a matter of weeks. However I think you guys will find that it is well worth the wait.

    I may need some materials needed to speed up the building! If you can donate or sell let me know.
    1. Quartz

    *If you feel this new build is "noobish" or "the worst building on EMC" (both of which my old building were called) please try to express this in a positive way, Like "hey man, those pillars are too far apart" rather than the examples above. Thanks!

    With love, Mman
    P.S. I will be updating this thread with build progress, so stay tuned.
  2. 2014-08-19_20.54.40.png Before Demolition
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  3. How exciting! Ever since I saw the beautiful museums owned by FDNY & Faithcaster, I wanted to build a museum on EMC. Even though it's not my own, I won't hold back on it's design!

    Take one last look at the old! (with pretty shaders!)
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  4. Got another new item! woo!
  5. Bump! looking for quartz if anyone wants to sell or donate, need about 2 dc's
  6. I'll give a DC and my head if i can get a special thanks some where in the museum when it's done.
  7. Sure I'll add you to the emeralds donor spot and put your head up on the special people wall.
  8. Old museum is now completely demolished! Building materials are being gathered and construction on the new facility will start soon!
  9. Bump! still looking for quartz if anyone has any.
  10. Collecting is done! 2014-08-24_08.56.21.png
  11. Ground breaks and progress starts! 2014-08-25_15.24.22.png 2014-08-25_15.24.36.png
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  12. Construction is continuing on schedule, maybe even ahead of it! Here's some shader screens of the latest progress as of 4 AM, Aug 26.

    More to come soon!
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  13. Wow, it looks awesome! Good job on it so far, keep it up! :D
  14. Wow this looks amazing! Good Job! I'm coming for a visit! :)
  15. Progress as of 5 am, Aug 26

    I'm racing ahead attempting to get this done soon! More to come!
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  16. Nice job! This looks amazing :)
  17. The 3rd floor and its roofs have been completed! The end is in sight as the 4th floor begins construction, and with it the building is nearly complete! Only 1 or 2 more days till completion! The main front window will be placed in soon as well.

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