EMC ModPack

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Yes 7 vote(s) 87.5%
No 1 vote(s) 12.5%
  1. Should i make the EMC ModPack?
  2. cool idea! I can help with mods! I have some good ones!
  3. pm me :p
  4. Can I suggest some?
  5. Yes :)
  6. Also i will make the auto installer in vb :p
  7. Umm I was gonna say yes because I thought it meant a pack of all ACCEPTABLE mods but since it's all random I'm thinking of saying no...
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  8. Please just make it the acceptable mods!
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  9. But like the computercraft mod (just an example), can that one include?
  10. ONLY acceptable mods!
  11. MODS:

    MADS (MassiveDestructionSystem <sp only>)
    TooManyItems (Dont work in the empire)
    Generator ports (You can generate indev maps )
  12. Yes but I'd you are building an EMC mod pack you should include ALL acceptable EMC mods. Also mods like TooManyItems and MADd should not be in it as they aren't EMC related. If you don't want to include all the mods in the Acceptable EMC mods section and add some mods that were either ejected or are errelivant then you should not call it an EMC mod pack!
  13. What's the point of an EMC mod pack that includes mods that either won't work in SMP or aren't allowed on EMC?
  14. I have some awesome single player mods :D
    Also all the mods allowed in the empire
  15. Exactly!
  16. I have some awesome single player mods :D
    Also all the mods allowed in the empire
  17. Yes but seeing as its an EMC mod pack you should only include mods that are relevant to EMC that being approved mods that actually work!
  18. Some mods can make the single payer better :)
    Also some of the acceptable mods laging :p