EMC Merch?

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  1. EMCTee.png EMCTee.png
    I've been looking for presents like tee shirts hats etc.
    I think if there was an EMC Clothing line that it could bring in more revenue,
    more popularity with other Minecraft plays who yet to find EMC.
    We could have the EMC logo on Hats and Server info on Tees and pictures of each of the servers' spawns. If we do come to getting something like this I would love to get one before Christmas.

    (The Picture is just something I made in Paint.Net)
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  2. I'd buy one as a christmas present for myself :D
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  3. We have looked at this in the past, however the 'Minecraft' part of it is legally protected and since Microsoft now has that entity, they have a bit more legal firepower...

    We will explore the options, but it won't be in time for this Christmas.
  4. Then I get it for Easter :D :D
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  5. It, erm, may not be ready for Easter, either :p
  6. Ahh, birthday???
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  7. Gosh Dang it Microsoft
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