EMC March Madness Bracket Challenge

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by TheRealHargy, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. Just want to gauge the interest in an EMC bracket challenge. If there's enough of an interest I'm willing to organize it and have it up by the end of the night. I'm thinking a buy-in of 5,000r or something with the chance of extras if other people are willing to donate things to the pool. Let me know. Tournament starts on Thursday so I'd want to get the ball rolling on this pretty quick.
  2. That be cool, I'm not much of a fan of football, but usually WSU or KU makes it in the final four, so yay :3
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  3. football? :p
    Im an avid college ball fan, so I would donate.
  4. I hate football, even though we were state champs this year.
  5. The bracket thing is for NCAA basketball. Not football...
  6. I know that... I'm saying I'm not big on football like most people, but I occasionally watch a basketball game.
  7. Working on a thread right now. Contest information will be posted later tonight or tomorrow afternoon.