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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by kno2t, Aug 28, 2012.

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  1. The empireminecraft server was a huge sucsess and all servers were always full and it would be a strugle for some to join but lately many of the EMC servers have been decreesing in users many believe that its hasnt changed but why may this be making it loose members daly? well i beleive that EmpireMinecraft hasnt had any new and interesting things added! I think EMC should start thinking about adding a new MAJOR plugin this could make the server become a little more interesting 2 major plugins i think the staff could consider could be
    Speef Arena (many have made a place to do this at there res but it would be much funner if there was acommant to get to one and it would reset automaticly)
    Mob Arena (No players are able to make there own but would love it being part of the server)
    The server could also add more ranks that you could get differently such as acheving them from gameplay or being nice to fello members or just being part of the server for a long time
    If anyother members have ideas please comment them and EMC staff thankyou for your time on reading this and please consider some of thease options
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  2. did u not notice the dragon egg ideas or realize aikar is making a PVP plugin?
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  3. Just sayin, you forgot "isnt" in your title...
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  4. Are you kidding there is a huge update coming really soon, also the problem with not getting enough players could be fixed by most people just simply voting everyday for EMC on minestatus.
  5. i do see that they did add somethings and you guys dont have to be rude about it i didnt forget anything in my title but still i think that emc need to find a way to drawl in more members like adding a new plugin weekly or monthly to make the server better and adding more ranks would make it better to theres just alot they could do to improve the server
  6. I think more likely: kno2t wanted attention. He received it.
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  7. I think perhaps you should take a few minutes to at least spell check and proofread your post before you go slamming one of the best EMC servers out there. Also, what Twitch said (Both times).:p
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  8. no i didnt want attetion im considering leaving EMC like many of my friends did i do not like attention i am a very shy person and i really do think that they should add more game in a game plugins like i said above
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  9. Yeah, for the people who actually OWN dragon eggs.
  10. No offense, but im pretty sure you have no idea how hard they work just to keep things running smoothly. These servers are absolutely perfect as-is, and they add stuff anyways. They dont need to add anything, they add it to please their fanbase. They arent just loafing around. They work very hard and the servers are wonderful, no need for improvement. Try finding a more unique and fun server than what we have here.
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  11. I suggest the suggestion box. I anticipate the features and quality to improve a lot soon. Because Justin will be around more
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  12. Well go do something in EMC you dont do a lot, like start a wild base with your friends.
  13. And people who want to obtain them via battles with friends...
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  14. I am also not slamming the server i am giving sujestions and if you dont agree thats fine but EMC does get boring once you have lots of rupes and items it loses its point and i am not good at spelling so sorry for all of the mess ups
  15. Might not be a good idea. Griefers...
  16. you do know on sep 1st justin is getting back and we will have new stuff like Aikar's PVP and (i think) the new shop system
  17. And you'd need a diamond sword and armor with a billion enchants.....
  18. How many rupees do you have? And here is a suggestion if you really feel bored. Make and maintain a megamall like 4005 on smp2.
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