EMC logo?

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  1. Hey guys! I made this a few minutes ago and it was hard to make XD so I was wondering if we could use this as a server logo or something? Thanks! Please respond!

  2. I like it. +1
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  3. I suppose it looks okay but how would this be a logo? The logo is just supposed to be a simple graphic that you can put around the place so you know what it is.
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  4. That sky, so realistic o3o
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  5. Yay! Thanks guys XD I'm using shaders.
  6. Not sure why the logo is bouncing around. Could look a lot better if it was standing still and the clouds were just floating along in the background
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  7. The jittering gives me nausea. Why is it bouncing around like that?
  8. Well it's hard to make the sign in the same place and size every time, I was using screenshots from today in EMC and adding that sign.
  9. Ya that logo bouncing makes it look pretty bad in my opinion. I do not mean to be rude.
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  10. It takes a lot away from the quality.
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  11. If you read what I said, it's hard to make it the same on every picture. Jeez.
  12. What program did you use?
  13. You could make a new layer with the logo on it and paste that layer on ever screen cap.
  14. The logo is the thing that says Empire Minecraft in the center of your gif.
  15. I understand that it's hard but you can't have good work without putting hard work in.
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  16. Honestly, I hate to say it but it's not even that hard. Maybe the method being used is harder and more convoluted than necessary, but I can do the same thing in less than five minutes and in better quality with any number of free / easily available video recording and editing programs.
    I'm curious too. Though going by what he said, guessing MSPaint for adding the logo and some .GIF-maker program for putting it together. Even then, not "hard," just very tedious.

    It sounds like you're just learning to work with this stuff, and there's no harm in that. However, as I've often told people on other forums (regarding creative work), there are things you learn from and things you share - they're not always the same. Rather than take offense at negative feedback, consider what you were doing and how it can be improved. Better yet, look at what you were attempting to do, and see if there are ways to do it more easily and efficiently - as I said, in this case a few minutes with FRAPS and Sony Vegas* would yield something far smoother and superior, with drastically less effort required.
    Bottom line, we're not trying to be mean, just stating that there's room for improvement.

    *Not free, but has free trials and demos available
  17. I actually agree with him. the emc logo hurts my eyes