EMC Logo Map Art

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  1. Yeah, you read the title right.

    It will be the basic gold block with Empire Minecraft in front of it, if you wish to help let me know, it is going to be a bit of a project so help would be much appreciated.

    I will be producing the Map Art on Utopia, sorry if you wanted one of the maps and you're not from Utopia :(

    Wish me luck, I'll be posting screenshot updates of the art on this thread.

    Project moving to Utopia.
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  2. SMP3, best SMP.
  3. We already have one available for free in shop :p

    There are 3 separate flags which make the EMC logo, and they're available on every server.
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  4. Not the one I'm making.
  5. How do you plan to make it different/better?
  6. By using a different logo.