EMC livestreams

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by pat2011, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. I was just wonderin is there anybody that plays on emc and streams cause if there is i would defiently watch it.:D
  2. Yeah I haven't seen one of these yet :) You should start one!
  3. I would If my voice didn't sound like a hamster on drugs xD
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  4. Would any want to watch me build and reply to a thousand tells?
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  5. Yes! :D
  6. i would as long as its emc.
  7. Well. I would be more then happy to stream me building something :)
  8. Are there other servers? :D
  9. Yes but i have no idea how the keep playes since emc is so much superior then all other server:cool:
  10. livestream.com/ismoochgames ;)
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  11. 2 screens.. i just leave minecraft on the recording one and not minecraft on the other one
  12. Does your graphics card have a display port?
  13. so now that the hardcore thing is over anyone have any suggestions of some things to livestream?
  14. EMCBLOCK@!@! Wewt! (Skyblock but you make it on a residence on EMC and your allowed no outside help :)
  15. can you live stream and record at the same time? might be good for comments and stuff
  16. actually every livestream gets recorded on the livestream server. I dont know if i have access to this or not i will see. but, i cant run procaster (the livestreaming client) and fraps (my recording software) at the same time. FPS would be 0 XD