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  1. Hi everyone,

    A while back (years...) there was the suggestion of an Empire Launcher, a client tailored to providing the best experience for EMC players. It was to be tasked with offering one click installs for all the 'allowed' mods and maybe even integrate some of the news, twitter and forums into the client.

    Recently as part of a larger project i've had the opportunity to build a very early version of an 'Empire Launcher'. It opens, authenticates with Mojang's servers and then loads the game with all its assets.

    Enough said, see the video of what I have so far...

    If the community finds this useful i'm more than happy to continue developing it and adding more useful features, feedback please!


    I would like to stress this is totally fan made - nothing official. I have no intention of monetising, spreading virus' or harming any players through this software. I have the ability to throw a lot of time at this as it is very similar to another project i'm committed to. Two birds, one stone :)
  2. Awesome!
  3. Would this also improve lag and stuff such as that?
  4. This looks great. Would the download come with all the mods and auto-install them or would we need to download those separately and install them in this launcher sorta like magiclauncher?
  5. Even though you are in early development, and there are so many questions, I'm still gonna get this when it is finished. Just because you took your own personal time and gave it out to the members of EMC.
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  6. That is cool. What language do you use for it? Does it work in other operating systems Yet?
  7. Optifine is allowed I believe, it's a mod that can improve performance so yes.

    The ones I can license properly will be 'one click install' type downloads. Other mods could be added manually.

    Awww thanks, this is actually massively fun. This project is a gateway for me to brush up on my Python.

    It's done in a hybrid Python/Javascript. We used a Python port of the QT framework to implement a browser and the whole GUI is powered by HTML5 and Javascript. The python bindings are great and it works very efficiently. It's completely cross platform and once I get to the release stage it will be available for Mac, Windows and Linux.
  8. You said we? Who else is doing it? Python is cool. I have a friend who showed it to me but I didn't learn more than the basics. Seeing as it is in html5, it should be easy to implement an easy site viewer.
  9. I'm the lead developer on another launcher, the other developers aren't involved in anything that overlaps with this.

    The python language is great and with HTML5 we can put anything imagineable into the application without the need for too much modification. It would indeed be possible to display a full version of the EMC site inside the app.