EMC just became 150% more awesome in my eyes.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Crazy1080, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Just saw that while viewing an old thread from January. It made me happy.
  2. Been there since the day the forums came out :)
  3. I don't particularly care how long it's been there, what I do care about is that I just noticed it. And I've been an EMC member for a pretty long time, so I assumed it was a newer feature because of that.
  4. It hasn't been I added this a couple weeks ago :)
  5. Oh, I thought it came with the forum software.
  6. Just a suggestion, could you make it so threads auto-lock after 4 months of inactivity and show the warning after 1 month? :D
  7. I thought about this, and to be honest the reason I did the message was that it took like 5 minutes. Because the last post date and everything was already available so it was literally just an if date is lower than blah show warning. So I could make them auto lock but it would require a deeper change in the forum software :)
  8. Oh, well if it isn't easy it shouldn't be done. :p
    Though in reality, the forum isn't really used enough to warrant consuming any free time that you could be spending with your family. :)
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  9. Speaking of his family, he must have the most understanding and awesome wife on the planet. I can't even imagine which barn I'd be sleeping in right now if I had told my wife I was planning to spend our entire tax refund on Minecraft.
  10. He told her??? :eek:
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