EMC is based in...

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  1. Absecon, New jersey. Atleast the website is :rolleyes:

    Don't ask me why I did this. I was bored.
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  2. Minecraft's website hosting service is run in the district of columbia even though Mojang is based in stockholm :confused:
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  3. because most servers are held in USA
  4. The DC area? No wonder my lag went down when I moved to Virginia!
  5. Haha No wonder...
  6. Because they have like 100 mb/s internet while in England I get about 3 mb/s on a good day :(
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  7. I have fine internet my internet goes about 125 mb/s
  8. SMP1 is hosted in Tampa, Florida.
    And so is smp2.
    And, again, so is smp3.

    I take it all servers under the ownership of Justin Khalland (we all know who that is :p) are hosted in Florida.
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  9. Show off :p
    Where I live in the UK is the 5% that isn't going to be getting fibre optic cable :(
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  10. TalkTalk XD
  11. Trololol, i've already got fibre optic cable :p
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  12. Yup, that's my *%$& ISP :(
  13. I know EMC's ISP. Muhahaha :p
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  14. I will never understand the way Justin likes to work the server IPs. The website hosting is run in New Jersey, and the server hosting is run in Florida. Well atleast they give us good quality servers with some of the best staff around.
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  15. Actually, most servers i have heard of in the US have 1000 mb/s Speeds! But my home, in the US, only gets .4mb/s DL speeds on a good day:(
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  16. Soon everyone will be hosting in Kansas City, haha.
    If you don't know what I'm talking about: www.google.com/fiber
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  17. helps to stop servers getting attacked

  18. The rabbit looks a bit unhealthy! :confused:
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  19. Oh man do I know what you mean to download anything I start the download at night and then deal with the setup in the morning.
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  20. i have a dl speed at 70mb/s