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  1. Hey guys,

    So a few days ago I started working on my biggest solo project so far. I started creating my own EMC hotel, and not just a hotel but I went to get some achievements for this hotel. As first I wanted to make it the highest "Real" building in EMC (With real I mean not a 1x1 or 2x2 high pole with a room on top, but a real building. My hotel is about 37x37 and every room has a space of 5 blocks vertically. The whole idea I got is that people can rent a whole level for like 1-3 months and if they rent it they get building perms when I am online so you can customize your room to your own liking, if you rent a room it will be empty and you can place everything yourself. I will make an advanced elevator system so all floors are easy to access. Every room will have a 2x2 redstone automatic door, with a lever + access sign this is to make stuff safe in your room. On the roof of the hotel there will be a swimming pool and a skydiving platform, just because people already like jumping from my building now ;) I have built this all by myself, without help from other people. Most stone etc I have bought from the shops, and a rough estimate gave me the information that I have used over 24000 stone for this already.

    below I will post some screenshots of my building and how far it is now.

    If you want to reserve a room in my hotel please reply to this topic and I will put you on the list. The price for 1 month will be about 100 rupees. My first goal on this building is not making money so thats why the price is relatively low.

    The hotel is on SMP7 res number 14140
  2. Ohh, by the way please give opinions on my building. And if anyone knows a good way for an elevator to work efficiently for all floors, then please reply.
  3. i can make a elevator
  4. Man, you just 1-upped my shop at 12182 and it took me forever to make and I thought it was awesome.

    Did you do this all by yourself?:eek:

    How long did it take you to build this thing?
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  5. he did it at hisself :p
  6. Well, like I said before I want this to be a solo build, I really appreciate that you want to help me but I was more looking for info on how to make a good elevator :) Because if you would make me an elevator it wouldn't be a solo build :D I hope you understand that.

    I have already done some research on the elevator part, there are options like a piston elevator or one with minecarts etc. But I think that, because I have a lot of floors, using the piston elevator might take to long to get really high. I could make like a piston elevator all the way up and then use express to get to different levels, but that would use a lot of space for the express part :)

    I did this all by myself yes, and it took me about 5/6 days so far. Its not close to done yet :)