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  1. Is there an area where I can see the basic history of EMC? Only basic info like the date each server started(ESPECIALLY smp1 cause thats when the empire started), maybe when certain updates were added, etc...
  2. Sort of all over. If you goto servers and click on each server you can see the launch date. You can see a list of most updates here: http://empireminecraft.com/updates . You could also go back to the start of the Empire News forum.
  3. Wow: within 2 minutes. Nice! Thanks and the reason I put this in Community Discussion was so people could say random things about what they remember.

    I joined Oct 31 2011, 156 days ago(from April 4 2012) and I remember when the only admins were JustinGuy, GameKribJeremy, and Dark_Liz, and all three of you were on all the time(still might be, not sure, but back then it was obvious because there was only 1 server and utopia was a world, not a server).

    PS to find out what day you joined, type "/p [your name]" in EMC, and see how many days ago you joined. go to the following link, click today, type however many days EMC told you, set it to subtract, then click Calculate New Date.
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