EMC Hiatus + Grief Party

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  1. Hai,

    So the title pretty much explains what I'm doing. I'll be on a short/not so short break on EMC.

    You may be wondering:

    • Why are you doing this?

    • How long are you doing this for?

    • How are you doing this?
    To answer those questions,

    1. Not to sound rude but, I need a break from the community. The community has taken a nosedive (in my opinion) and I just need to stay away from it for a while. I also need to focus on more things such as: school, homework and etc.

    2. This may last a few weeks, months but definitely not years.

    3. I'm not going to touch EMC. Not even in-game or forums. I may login to claim promos but that's about it.
    I know I'll only be gone for a short amount of time but I want to thank these people:
    • Catacacalysm/Final - For giving me the motivation to actually do things (giving me the effort to move to smp8 too :p) and overall being a good friend. And bear :p
    • Jakres - For inspiring me to go out and venture out in the wild. And being Teyls the Fexho- I mean just Fex.
    • Dufne - Being a good friend along with Final - or Carrot. Also giving me random 1r donations. And for being the Dufne Clan maestr.
    • AverageWalrus - For you giving me my sig :p Also being one of the most random people and funny people on EMC.
    • Agennt - Eventhough you probably won't read this, I want to thank you for supporting my thoughts (those thoughts shall remain classified to the public) and for being one of those people to talk to.
    • CadenMann - Can't miss out the great Piz Arol God can I? You're a good, funny, random person who is someone to talk to when you feel down. You can definitely put a smile on people's faces.
    "Enough with the feels already, and get the thread over and done with :("

    So yeah, see ya then! :)
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  2. The Grief Party airs on the 16th October at 4pm EMC time.
    I've cancelled the grief party.
    I knew I'd regret this :p

    (sorry to psyche anyone out for it)
  3. Nosedive eh? Well, if you joined, it nosedived, and you feel leaving will fix it.... I'm pretty sure I couldn't actually say it better myself :)

    Also a good life lesson: Next time you feel that you need to preface something with "Not to be rude", don't say it.
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  4. Yet another active member leaving :(
    I personally haven't had much interactions with players outside smp1, but I am saddened by your reasons to leave. Hopefully it won't be for good, considering people change and communities have high and low points; but with enough people sticking through the rough patches, they usually bounce back.

    So I send you well wish, an hope for happier times ahead for you.
  5. Star, damn you and your inspirational posts. I'll miss you. :) I hope you'll still be contactable through Skype.
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  6. Don't worry, this won't be permanent. It'll be some time though, only time will tell.
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  7. Well, Valris will miss ye here. I hope we can still Hang Out on le other Server, cause me needs me Stare.
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  8. You're HelloKittyRo in disguise now?

    I thought you were my brother.

  9. Unlike her, I'll actually use that for something. So no, I am not HKRo in disguise ;)
  10. Sorry to see you go although I've never really interacted with you.
  11. Lies.
  12. *sigh* another active member leaving :( I've never met you, but I'm pretty sure I would have liked you.
  13. Psh, you wouldn't of liked me. I'm a stopid skrub who can't even no scope.
  14. 1v1 me on Club Pingwin Skrab
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  15. k den. I hav my Ranibow and Blak pufle redy aswell as my cerd jetzu maestr cardz.
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  16. This part made me want to cry.

    My name is NOT Carrot! :mad:
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  17. B-But.. now I'm going to have an empty res next to my second :(
    Silly Carrot, he can never remember his name.. *tsk tsk tsk*
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  18. My God, all these reks put this game to shame:
  19. My name is not carrot stopid
  20. Oho, that's where you're wrong. It's either Catcacacacacaca or Carrot, make up your mind already! :p