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  1. 2013-06-20_15.08.31.png This is kinda like what Bunkerlama did but Im also doing it. :3 So on 3600 smp2 I have theese awesome walls I'm making and I want to try to collect everyone's! IcC Came to my res with some others and he looked at it and started shaking his head weirdly with a weird hat on saying he liked it lol. So if u wanna donate your head to make this really kewl thing then drop it in the hopper at 3600 smp2 Thanks, :)
    I hope to fill it soon! I already have most of my friends.
    I Am running low on supplys for it. If u have any items ud like to share that are on this list please Pm me :)
    Chissled Quart Blocks
    Laptis Blocks
    Stone Slabs
    Thank you for reading there are some snapshots of what it looks like so far on the top: It will improve also :3
    I have the whole res for it.

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  2. Bump, got a ton more heads and updated thingy. :) Thanks guys keep em coming
  3. Do you have mine yet?
  4. Nope :(