EMC Hangout/Resort: Help Wanted!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by sneeker134, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. I just cleared out my res. I started to build a sort of hangout/resort, but then realized that I lack the buildng skills. The only thing I am good at build, in Minecraft, is ships. So I would like somebody/people to help me. Note, they wont be paid. However, they will be listed as a creator, get VIP discounts, and perhaps a gift if it works out smoothly. However, I will only inlist members I know can be trusted. Sorry, but I dont want the chance that someone will just steal any supplies and run away. Ill make a little checklist of what would need to be done. By the way, I live on SMP1 on res 1104.

    - A meduim sized, nice pool
    - A Small-Meduim sized Bar
    - Resort
    - A Hangout (Drinks, Snacks, Dance Floor, ect. )
    - Small Store (MAYBE)
    - An attraction (MAYBE)
  2. I could do a dance floor, I'm very good with a random redstone lamp floor/wall :)
  3. I will help by building the bar and being bartender seeing as I have craploads of slowness and speed potions built up (sugary stuff and alchohol...)
  4. Just made me think. I saw this epic cruise ship on youtube once. So why not make a giant ship, fill the res with water and then ask people to build pools, bars etc on it? Would be something I have never seen on the EMC before.
    Just an idea.
  5. Hm. Well, out of my ship designs, I have one that would barely even fit on a utopia res, and my next biggest MIGHT just fit. You see, I like using designs I have alread used. Saves alot of time. Also, though irrelvant, can someone show me how to FREAKING DO THE EGG/DRAGON THINGY!
  6. how big would u want the pool i dont no what medium sized is
  7. Cruise would be epic.
  8. A meduim Sized pool would be around 10x10 or 20x20. But my ships are kinda old fashioned. I could try to replace some blocks on it with different stuff. Though, the only one that could fit on my res and be a good size is one of my earlier designs, which is kinda awkward.
  9. so u want some1 to build the pool for u if u do im the man
  10. Hm. Well, right now I am messing around with a design in single player. However, I cant seem to find a good material besides stone and iron blocks. Any suggestions?
  11. circular stone for the bottom of the pool while the sides are blocked by glass with lava on the side and some alternating blocks on the bottom of the pool with glowstone for a better light source.
  12. I meant the ship.
  13. well make the hull out of pine planks i always liked tht color :p
  14. Can u do that for me