[EMC Guide] What do you want added?

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  1. Currently a re-write of the Empire Guide is underway. If there's something that you think should be added to the guide and is a key part of EMC (or not a key-part but important) feel free to post it below.

    Please only suggest serious things. :)

    An example would be "I'd like to see a section about TEXP"

    We want to make sure that it's perfect so even if there's something that needs to be edited or improved, suggest it. :)
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  2. I think maybe we should have the Commandments re-worded so they are more specific, like the one about language, since that seems to be a conflict between everyone. I think if a word is against the rules it's abbreviation should be added as well, such as the F word and it's often exaggerated bbreviation "Fuuuuuuuuuuu!"

    Also lately I've seen people claim they took things from the wild and when told to re-read Commandments 1 and 2 they say "Oh I read those, but that's for town. The wild is free game."

    The last line on derelict policy could be better worded. "Your other Empire Minecraft player data, such as rupees balance, if you have completed the tutorial, your vault, will NOT be reset."
    If you read it a certain way (and i think we've had someone ask before) it sounds like "Hey if you completed the tutorial you get to keep your stuff. If you didn't then too bad for you!" Obviously you have to complete the tutorial (unless you pay to be a supporter and it skips you over the tutorial) but it might be confusing for younger members.
  3. Been pushing for this a lot, it's been partially done so far - and I'll see if there's any that have been missed. :)
  4. Bump, I'm close to finishing the penultimate version with what's been suggested so please post now :)
  5. Guides to the forums. Like how to post properly, put the auction info in the guide. And anything else you want.

    Also, my images of the wastelands spawn :p
  6. Well, gosh, there are like 75+(exaggerated) commands not on the "all commands" section. and maybe add the new 10+ flags, mine cart, etc. in the all commands section, i literally have no idea what 1/2 of commands do, and i have been here for 410+ days! also, please add EVERY command, like the chat warnings off/on, because i don't get alerts for people logging in/off of being banned for some reason.
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  7. All going to be added :) It's /ch status on
    Yep, planned :)
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  8. yeah they pretty much said it all, add all the commands us casuals dont know about
    /entcount, /ch updates off, and all the others i dont even know about
  9. I'd like to see more commands added, because almost none are in the guide, and maybe a supporter guide section?

    Like a guide to cancel and start supporter, and a supporter commands/things they could do?
  10. Maybe all those flags like "Firespread" "Waterflow" etc.
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  11. Thanks guys, I think we've got what it needs now. :)
  12. Please put in all of the commands even supporter commands. Thamks