EMC Google Chrome Attacker Glitch?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by wisepsn, Jul 18, 2014.

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    So um, Aikar.. got some explaining to do? XD(but seriously what is this)
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  2. Hmmmmm. Do you have any chrome security plugins or anti-virus software that may be causing this or is it just chrome itself?
  3. No.. I just randomly went to https://empireminecraft.com and it just randomly happened.
  4. You may safely press "Proceed Anyways", as starlis.com is our website too.

    This is because your browser apparently does not support the special type of SSL certificate that we use that lets us use 1 certificate for multiple websites.

    Since starlis.com is the primary domain for the certificate, your browser is reading it as the identifier for the certificate, and triggers this warning.

    Are you sure your chrome is up to date?

    what is your chrome version
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  5. Version 36.0.1985.125 m

    Maybe this just was a mistake and happened at random? idk.
  6. That is because of the https:// in front on emc's address since emc does not have certificate to the redirect from https://starlis.com too https://empireminecraft.com throws a certificate error as there is no certificate the redirect needs to be to standard http this will remove the warning.

    if emc wasa subdomain of starlis i.e emc.starlis.com then you could just get a wildcard certificate to cover the main and any subdomain

    there are a few urls that point to https://empireminecraft.com around emc that throw this erro because of the https in front of it.


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  7. That is not it. The certificate is for 3 domains, starlis.com, empireminecraft.com and emc.gs

    Except older browsers do not support these kind of certificates.
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