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More EMC games?

Yeah. 2 vote(s) 100.0%
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  1. You know that thing where lots of Minecraft things took place like PvP, Mob Arena, and more? It happened last year, and I think it should happen this year, and some new and old games should be decided!

    Dig through a maze. The game is timed, and players dig through a gigantic area to find ores and other valuables that they can turn in for points, and they can't bring in valuables of their own. The player with the most points wins!!

    I'll add more game ideas from replies.
  2. I've stated when someone else suggested to bring it back that it is planned to return. However, just as with the normal Olympics, it would change the season it was hosted in. So that would mean winter... =P
  3. So this month to January?
    Edit - I'd love some event thing you might want!
  4. We're still in fall until December 22nd.
  5. Ok. What will one game be? :)