EMC Forum App?

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Android/IPhone App?

Yes! 8 vote(s) 100.0%
Uhhhh.... no? 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Is there anyone out there willing to or brave enough to go at this project? Android/IPhone apps for EMC would be amazing. Checking rupees balances, checking news, and browsing the forums quite easily without using a desktop version of the EMC website. I'm sure we have some talented gamers/programmers out there who have the skills (I am not one of them) but as I go to work on a daily basis, I'd like to check the forums, participate in discussions, and help make EMC an amazing place for every single player in the community. I feel it would just be a great idea. Thoughts?
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  2. a mobile version of the website might be cool i guess, but if you mean an actual app, unless justin made some kind of API, i don't know how anyone else could hook into that info, besides website scraping.

    i dont know if it's worth the effort, for the usage it would get.
  3. Well Appament =D we have hit a demographic of over 10,000 and growing [rapidly]. You may be suprised ^_^
  4. that may be so, but it would still require a significant amount of effort, and I don't think it would provide anymore functionality than a mobile friendly template, other than to say we have an app.
  5. A mobile friendly site would be nice. Anything making browsing the forums easier with a mobile device.
  6. i wonder if it's just a matter of making an xenforo template.
  7. When you say easier though, how do you mean -easier- ? I'm on my iPad right now running it great, and my phone does an equally good job [android]
  8. I'd rather there be an easier-to-navigate mobile site. It was just an idea!