EMC Footrace Track!

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  1. There's a lot of horse race tracks.. but no footrace track. Until now. SMP6 has the server's only footrace track. The address is 13016. (My fourth res.) This is meant for runners, not horse racers. Special thanks to lehmaqr for helping me with the redstone. (I suck at redstone.) I don't have a race schedule, so races are going to have to come at random. I'll annouce them though, so you don't rush over there after the race has started. Buffs flag is disabled for no cheating. Here are some screenshots of the track....
    Enjoy racing without horses! :D
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  2. Well, this sort of defeats the purpose, but NOBODY has been using my footrace track, so I now allow horses at the track. Hopefully this gets SOMEWHERE....
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  3. Well, i think most of the poeple dont use it because Mojang made everyone with the same skills and strenghts so everyone runs at the same speed...
  4. I don't think this is a good idea. It isn't fair because every player has the same speed and if they start first they automatically win.
  5. Just as is, probably not a good idea from the reasons posted above. However, if you throw a bit of parkour into the mix, then you might have something decent for a foot race.
  6. Due to no usefulness within the EMC community, the residence of the racetrack will be unclaimed. I will report to the Staff asking for this thread to be closed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.