EMC Fireworks

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  1. Im very curious on how much these are selling for now if anyones selling them. They were 20k to buy and now they are gone.
  2. 50k and its yours
  3. And I thought 40k was cheap :p
  4. I have 3. just set them all up at once with a rapid fire machine. its epic lol. i expected at least 50k.. dont knwo if i even wann asell them. their amazing
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  5. Im looking to buy more possibly if anyone wants to sell em to me.
  6. told ya 50k ;)
  7. ya just know eventualy somerich guy is just goona buy em all and sell them at like 200-300k each. id buy it for 50 now if i was you and never let it go
  8. They're probably sell them again next year/December so you will need to sell them (to get max. price) before New Years firework shows get announced :)

    I'd sell 1 or 2 of mine for 35k
  9. Bonfire night! :rolleyes:
  10. as in "wub, wub, wub"?
  11. Considering making regular fireworks are cheaper and easier to get in large quantities, this seems fair. I'd never pay more than 10k above what the shop sold it for regardless.
  12. I gave both of mine away :p