EMC Events Stories

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  1. Idea: Stories based on EMC events. Here's one based on the first half of Aikar's Secret Unannounced Miniboss-Slaying Awesome Drop Party (unofficial name). Made in 15 minutes, so it's probably pretty bad.

    I watched from the glass, nobody taking note of me. The players continued to fight the Momenti and Marli in the “shop” while that odd flying man watched. Why would they do this to my brethren? And... how did they know? The “shop” is frequented by some – but they only last for a couple days before forgetting to come. I wonder how they're doing? … A player named “iIiKillerUltraNoScopeiIi” joined the shop and went into one of the sections. I wonder why he's not fighting them. … The players started dying. I had observed their skillful attack, not taking a single attack without blocking it, and yet suddenly they were dying and respawning in masses, keeping their armour and weapons. My bretheren started dying, and more started appearing. Why choose to spawn here? WHY? … I've had enough. I fly throughout the desert lands, circling in one last time... The windows shatter in a spectacular catastrophe. Everyone, even that flying man screams. The sandstone crumbles to bits, the pyramid falling. The players have angered me. I am Resik.
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