EMC Event coordinator?

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  1. I was wondering who the EMC event coordinator is. Like, I know there's a few mods who host a mob arena once a week or so, but is there a moderator who is in charge specifically to create/brainstorm new events?
  2. No one currently that I know of, before they left for a while Amadai was event organizer, but I'm not sure if there is one anymore.
  3. Hmm okay. o.o I was reminiscing about the time I was an event coordinator on a World of Warcraft private server, and thought; "Hmm I wonder if EMC has one ...".
  4. From the looks of it now, events are just organised by different staff. Maxarias and IcC as the community managers probably do the most when it comes to event and community organising, but I'm not really sure.

    But as jacob said, back in 2011/12 Amadai was the events organiser, but then she disappeared.
  5. Hmm I would say Emc events are pretty random or planned out like D&D Mba, BigDavie's Mba or Kryssy's Event's. Now if I showed you a calender on future events it would be a lie because Most of Staff are spontaneous people. :D I would say All of Emc Staff are Event Planners.
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  6. I have asked ICC and at first he declined but I sent him another part and he hasn't responded to that one yet.