EMC Efficient Squid Farm

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  1. So, I want to build a squid farm.

    I tried to build one once with a few friends, and man was that a failed project... xD

    My problem is that I know that many Vanilla farms that produce alot, produce maybe 1/4 that on EMC. Does anyone have a working squid farm on EMC that works good, and has a Youtube tutorial to?

    If you can post how many drops an hour you get and a video link, it would be much appreciated!

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  2. You should talk to Suriyakeng he maybe able to build you one he did for Carthaga an outpost on smp4 and that is his home smp Good Luck :D
  3. I was actually gonna PM Catharga's owner about the design they use, thanks for providing a name!
  4. Owner: Kaizimir but Suriyakeng is the one who built it :p
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  5. Does Carthaga have an iron farm too?
  6. Can you please stop posting in random threads about iron/gold farms? Almost any thread that mentions a farm of any kind, you ask about an iron or gold farm.

    I'm not trying to be rude, but just trying to nicely ask for you to stop. Please PM Ash if you want to but this thread is about squid farms.

    Sorry if I come off as rude.
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  7. I'm so sorry Stew... :(

    I'll stop.
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