EMC Economy Starter Kits

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  1. These kits are made (not only for) for people who have just joined the empire and dont know how to get started. I made it for newbies to get in the zone and earning money like everyone else! Here are the kits:

    Farmers Kit: 75r
    16 Sugarcane
    16 Seeds
    16 Melon seeds
    16 Pumpkin seeds
    2 Water Buckets
    2 Iron Hoes

    Gathering Logs Kit: 75r
    5 Oak Saplings
    5 Pine Saplings
    5 Spruce Saplings
    4 Jungle Saplings (to make a mega tree)
    2 Iron Axes
    20 Torches

    Mining Kit: 125r
    1 stack (64) of melons
    Iron Helmet
    Iron Chestplate
    Iron Sword
    2 Iron Pickaxe (Upgrade to 1 diamond pickaxe for 50r)

    Sheep Kit: 200r
    8 Sheep
    1 stack of wheat
    2 Shears
    2 Iron Shovel

    Shop Starter Kit: 750r
    8 stacks of Oak Planks
    8 Chests
    8 Signs
    All of the kits shown above included

    Donations are greatly appreciated and all the kits will be picked up smp2 3842, Ask if you live on another server and we will pay for your vault.

    I will make it so that each person can only buy 1 of each. Using Alts will be frowned upon.
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  2. If requested, I will get you a how to guide.
  3. This is a great idea!
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  4. This is really cool idea. Terr approves.
  5. Really cool idea, it'll definitely help all of the new people get off to a good start while they're still learning the basics.