EMC Economic Survey

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  1. Please fill out this form if you sell gold, diamonds, and/or iron at your shop. I am doing this survey to gauge the economy of EMC so that shop owners can price their items to EMC averages.
    Fill out the Survey HERE
  2. it wont let me click the link
  3. nevermind i got it
  4. Store owners please fill out this survey
  5. My prices change daily.. How am I supposed to give answers then? ^^ Price of what it is now then?
  6. What is the average of your price this week
  7. After the survey is completed could you please post results.
  8. Yes I will post the results.
  9. yeah could you make it so you can view the file I want to see what other have put? could you do that?

    Thanks- Squizz
  10. Ok that's fine
  11. when u gonna put that results file
  12. Once I get a decent amount of data.
  13. cool how much u got now
  14. I'll post the results when I get like 30 applicants
  15. I need more applicants
  16. Just applied

    I don't sell any of the stuff, just observe.
  17. Oh its only valuables like diamonds gold iron
  18. We need 20 more people to do the survey
  19. I put N/A for everything lol. I don't have a shop on EMC.