Emc Dust 514 corporation

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Would you join?

Yes. sounds like fun 1 vote(s) 20.0%
I don't have the game but will try it out since it is Free 4 vote(s) 80.0%
  1. Dust 514 is a free game for PlayStation 3 and is pretty fun. One of the features on the game is corporations which are like teams of players with a bunch more sophisticated stuff. I was wondering if anyone would want to be part of an EMC corporation for Dust 514. If people show interest then we can make one. The corporation has not actually been created yet. Dust514.com has a lot more information if you don't know what the game is.

    Please answer the pole at the top if you want to join so I can easily see the interest level.
    Here is a trailer for the game. This was from back when the game was in beta but still shows the overall game. Click here for the video.
  2. Reserved for corp news if people join
  3. should play eve instead
  4. I am thinking about it. I belive corporations are across both games so we could have an emc corporation for both.
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  5. Destiny might have something like this
  6. What?
  7. Destiny..... The game by Bungie.... Well it is Xbox exclusive :p
  8. Oh. I thought Destiny was a player or something at first.
    For Eve online I won't be getting it because it is $100 a year. Way to much for me.
  9. Bump. I still need more people's interest to make this
  10. How new is the game? Cause the video said 2011
  11. Nope for ps3 (or 4) also
  12. Is there a meh option?
  13. The game was in beta for a while. It wasn't until this year that it left beta. A lot of changes have happened since then but the general game play is still the same.
    If you have a ps3 you can try the game and if you don't like it then just uninstall it.
  14. Bump. Let me know if you want to join. I found a much newer and better video. It includes some Eve online stuff but shows the updated game. Click here to see it. I also updated the op to have the new video.
  15. I'll join I guess. Gotta set up my PS3 to my pc.
  16. Cool. I will make the corporation next I go on my ps3. Anyone else going to join?
  17. Hmmmm sure, I tried the game a long time ago and i sort of like, so I'm updating it...
  18. This game looks awesome, especially for free. I will download it tomorrow :)
  19. Woot free game! having to pay for eve and not having lots of time to play it made it not worth wile, but free to play eve like game is defiantly worth playing!

    Just made my first character:cool:

    Looking ford to being part of the EMC corp!