EMC down?

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  1. Recently I was on a mining trip, then I 'lost conenction'. I checked, and EVERY server was down. Can a mod give an explanation for this?
  2. Maybe updating to 1.7.2?
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  3. No SMP4 Fire floor crashed EMC
  4. Look what ICC did! He crashed all of EMC!
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  5. Oh gawd. Well, now we know.
  6. ICC did say he didn't know what lighting half of the firefloor with fire would do :p
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  7. xD Wow
  8. twas dat firefloor not IcC, blame the floor!
  9. Something tells me...no lol
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  10. That cow... #blamecow
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  11. And they return

    For now.......

    *Fades back into the darkness*
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  12. lol oh god xP now he knows.. now he knows.
  13. #BlameTheFloor
    Trend it!
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  14. why not. #BlameTheFloor
  15. #BlameTheFloor