EMC Depression-Possibly

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  1. Economic Depression.jpg Hello All,

    I have gotten some thoughts into my head that The Empire is heading into a so called "depression", Which is possible.I know that this is trying to be stopped(example:Wild reset), but I don't believe it will make much of a difference.The prices of everything,Cobblestone to Diamonds is rapidly skyrocketing.When I joined the Empire, the regular price for Cobblestone per 64 was 10-12r, This has now increased to an average of 20-25r.(This is just an example)Thus, the daily bonuses will leave players with now much,I'm not saying increase the bonus but people get ready.Stock up you're diamonds.Thats what I'm doing, making a chest full of diamonds.

    I tell you, save up for what you NEED, not what you want.Keep your spare rupees, and hit the road...these are though times.
  2. This actually is a bit off. Something that I've noticed is that each server actually has it's own mini economy going. One server it's regular for diamonds to go for 30-4o while another is 50-60. I'm not sure how it ended up this way, but it seems to work very well and encourages people to shop around (and as a byproduct see more awesome creations) on other servers for items and take advantage of our vault to bring them back home. :)
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  3. Yeah, I was gonna mention this, it's more of this kinda pattern,Smp1=Cheapest,Smp7=Most expensive maybe I should say this more for Smp5,6,7
  4. Maybe This,
    EMC=Mixed economy :)
  5. I hqve played a small role on smp2 to keep prices stable for a while. A few people were in danger of throwing it out of wack but they are easy to block.

    The prices are not cheap by retro standards, but since i buy items close to what i sell, the economy evens out with anyone getting more money for their items.

    Depression? No. Inflation? Yes. Stable? Yes.
  6. I'm not really sure it's possible for an EMC depression. I mean, stuff gets too expensive, go collect it yourself. When this happens to the bulk of people, ie. everyone goes and gathers their own items, like on a normal Survival game, no body is buying so shops will be forced to lower their prices again.

    You can't realistically do this in the real world, well some people can (see: The Good Life) so Economy plays a much more vital role.