EMC delivery service!

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  1. Hey EMC! today I'm going to present you
    Yoshi Delivery Inc.
    We will deliver your prducts through the server and they can be pretty Cheap
    You can get a stack of redstone for 500r + Tax (20r)
    it will be open in 3 days and if you hav any questions just ASK
    also we need employees just enter this

    1: what is your minimum payment
    2: what smp r u on
    3: what will you help do
  2. I have already said I will help just pm me when ever you need any done.
  3. So what are you exacly doing? Are you getting items from the wild? Or are you getting items from server to server (by using the vault)?
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  4. How do we know to trust you?
    Also, 64 Redstone for 500r. o.o
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  5. Wow a DC of redstone dust for only 28k :) lol