EMC daily! Episode 1!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by DangerousPopcorn, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. So let me present my name for new people out there. Im DangerousPopcorn, but im not alone here we are here with Chrisisaboss91 and Epic_Builder.

    For the first notice here
    So theres a little bug in the website that i was complaining about in the web today that it said preparing to reboot.

    But theres no problem with that it is just a bug that may be fixed sooner or later!

    Aikar said the other day in a tekkit adding thread that we are going to get pvp, his exact words were:

    'PVP is one thing that we are for sure doing. I've already fully brainstormed the gameplan on that almost completely done, just got to put the effort to actually developing it according to the specs'.

    And finally was today in SMP 3, chris got a 'blow up' on the side of his casino at 7075

    Blown up

    The creator did said that no one had build flag at that time and that no redstone was damaged, but he finally fixed.

    So this was EMC daily (Written for now) and i will see you tomorrow! :D
  2. I dont want PVP :/ maybe another server but not every server
  3. There are many threads on this and all the moderators that have commented on it said that it might either be a designated World such as the wilderness/town/end/nether or be a different server such as the following ex: smp3.PvP.empire.us
  4. is this like a news thing?