EMC custom maps thread!

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  1. This is the EMC custom maps thread post any kind of custom map here!, this is just a way to channel around different maps you have made!


    Soon to come! donations help!

    Contest donation wall


    How to post your maps
    Map name: (name of map)
    Map type: (adventure, parkour, ect.)
    Map link (download link)

    How to install maps
    1. Download the map
    2.open zip file
    3. go to start menu
    4. search: %appdata%
    5. go into roaming
    6.go into .minecraft
    7. open "saves"
    8. drag the file in the zip file you downloaded (not the README) into the saves file
    9. you are done, now play the map and enjoy!

    Current maps:

  2. No one makes maps here?