EMC Crown Conquest

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  1. We can have a server where we can do Crown Conquest Like Yogcast. There could be rewards for the winners of each round. This could be a lot of fun for people and I think this is a good idea. Teams from each Smp Server could participate.
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  2. This sounds like a lot of fun :D. how would we get the weird things that they had in the yogscast though... like the ninja stars.. etc
  3. The yogscast has banned thE use of crown conquest servers :) talk it over with Simon and Lewis or change it :)
  4. why did they ban the use of crown conquest servers? Do they even have the right do that?
  5. I would assume so seeing as how they invented the idea.
  6. But did they patent it?
  7. probably not but you never know
  8. If they did, we must wait 17 years.
  9. lets do it
  10. This is a good idea! It will probably never happen though. Justin would have to open up a whole new server.
  11. Two words:
    Dystopia PvP