EMC Crashing

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by skyrimboywonder, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. EMC keeps crashing on me?? Idk why.
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  2. Notch made it so that users with skyrim in their name crash a lot.
  3. ...........
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  4. While that is awesome, I seriously doubt it is real :p
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  5. Yup. Rumor has it that he is not a fan.
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  6. Erm... wow. Thats pretty lame that Mojang would stop a person from playing after theyve paid...

    I'm taking it this is a joke though =P
  7. Can we have a link?
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  8. Try this colour code hehehe: #2a2a2a
  9. What does it say exactly,.I'm on a phone and can't read it even when I zoom in : P
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  11. LOL that is pretty funny though.

    poor skyrim people
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  12. Just went down...
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  13. And now we pray that the new Aikar magic works.
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  14. lol yes
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  15. this is a network issue it seems
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  16. And we are back!
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  17. hmm, small hiccup I guess. unless they started unplugging servers on me handling my other support request...
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  18. Well that wouldn't be very nice..
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  19. Who likes photoshop? :D
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  20. Y'all do know why Notch doesn't like Skyrim, right? He was going to release Minecraft 1.0 on 11/11/11 but Bethesda beat him to it.

    He also had a Quake war with them over the copyrights to the title "Scrolls."
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