EMC could use a creative server

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Should there be a creative server?

Yes 24 vote(s) 57.1%
No 18 vote(s) 42.9%
  1. So yeah EMC could use one, it would bring in more members and let people show off their creations without being limited to a 60x60 plot without becoming a supporter and without getting griefed in the wild. There could be a message in chat saying Be sure to check out our other servers at (implant server name here)!
  2. i believe this would be a great idea but there is a que as people want PVP servers and Hardcore Servers and in 1.3 there is a adventure mode what servers can use so its going to be hard to get this through as justin has lots of pressure for 10 servers and its costly to buy a server drive, so if he brought 1 he would get 2 servers off it so a PVP one and a creative then another one for Hardcore and Adventure like Adventure.empire.us or hardcore.empire.us and PVP.empire.us if your a original member justin planned a PVP server creative would be good and having res' would be brilliant to stop griefers and this would attract people as its the first i have seen of a idea of this type :D

    Nfell2009 For A Creative, PVP, Hardcore And At 1.3 A Adventure Type Servers!
  3. Say again?
  4. i mean that its hard for justin to make a new server but its a good idea for creative
  5. its awesome idea :p
  6. EMC could use a lot of things, and there are several things the community wants, but Justin and Jeremy have both been busy. I'm sure the new stuff will be rolling out once their back to 100%.
  7. Also, a hardcore server for EMC has been planned, unless it was canceled?
  8. I say no cause creative mode is stupid. You get unlimited diamonds, like scrubs.
  9. the server would be seperate things like that wouldnt happen as vault would not work
  10. i remeber that what was it? destroya?? and adventure mode in 1.3 no place/destroy blocks EMC could have a map contest!
  11. Dystopia.

    Just put on hold for a bit while we prepare for 1.3 and all that jazz.
  12. thats it! :p
  13. Meh I wouldn't really enjoy this, it takes away the fun for mining and adventuring for the materials to build whatever you wanna build! With creative on, people will be make something, then get bored and leave that " creative " server. And most likely their will be lag with the unlimited building.
  14. on a res so they are limited maybe 30x30 or something?
  15. Meh, sure I guess. But I'm still not Mclovin it.
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  16. I don't think that this is a good idea because EMC is a cross-server empire. that means that you have your rupees, XP and items on every server. Of coarse you have to use vault for items but having a creative server would mean one of two things. Either they ruin their tradition of everything going across every server OR they give EVERY player the opportunity to completely ruin the economy system. All I'm trying to say is I think it would be a terrible idea although many of you may disagree with me that is my thought.
    I understand that it would be good for sharing creations but people could always build it in single player then upload their single player world to somewhere like http://fliiby.com and give the link to people on the empire to view their creation.
  17. well they could disable vault, rupees etc from being cross server might be long though thats my worry
  18. creative mode still sucks.
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  19. Its meant for building large structures. If you don't like it, don't use it, its that simple.
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