Emc Conections erors and lagg

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  1. Just to let people know this is not a complaint, merely a request for improvement.

    I live in central England (uk) and when i connect i can play for about a minute or two, but then everything laggs and when I relog I roll back! And seeing as im in the nether alot this has made me die a few times! And loose stuff as stuff despawns quicker now!

    Please help if possible

    Thanks OrakoG
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  2. We don't receive many (any) complaints about this happening at all really. When connection lag and errors occur, it's almost always a client-side issue. Check your ISP and make sure that your connection is quality, because that's most likely where the problem lies. :)
  3. Definatly not client sided, Definatly server lagg!
    and my internet is realy good! I think its just where its hosted in relation to where I live!

    My issue is that i pay for services! And Its nearly unplayable! and its not client sided!
  4. I have same problems for a few months now
  5. my freind also gets this lagg, he lives in the same town as me
  6. I can't complete draw this out without seeing what you experience when playing, but I think it is client side - although it might not be your ISP connection.
    This is what concludes me to believe that it's not server lag; this simply doesn't happen on EMC, and I'm not trying to be arrogant. :)

    When you join a server type /tps and let us know what it says. :)

    We have plenty of UK players and this doesn't happen to them.
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  7. Does your friend use the same ISP as you?
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  8. I live in the UK, and don't have this problem.

    I believe it is on your end. :)
  9. You can try to run a "tracert" or "pathping"

    open your command prompt (click start menu then go to run and run "cmd" )
    Type in "tracert smp9.empire.us"
    And "pathping smp9.empire.us"

    you should get something like this, post what you get and we will have a better idea where the problem is.
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  10. Sorry for not replying I was on holiday! Thanks to the advice given and messages posted on this fourm!
  11. Thanks iv done this, just as im curious! What exactly does this method do?
  12. The tracert pings all the hops (different servers your connection routs through including your router)
    So if one of the hops has a high ping like 3000ms it is probably that server that is the problem.

    The pathping dose the same but measures packet loss.
    If you see
    2. 3000ms 10/100 = 10%
    That means there is 10% packet loss on that server, and that would cause a lot of problems.