EMC compared to EMC

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  1. Hey guys! For anyone who plays tekkit, Lets compare EMC to EMC! You know what im talking about! EMC: The server known as Empire Minecraft. EMC: The stuff used to make other stuff in EE.
    The two are completely different, but have the same name! :) Just saying...
  2. EMC (Empire), Awesome - Fun

    EMC (Tekkit), OP, Boring, Game breaking once you get a Red matter condenser..
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  3. EMC (Empire), Fun, Operation Duck on a Skateboard, Awesome

    EMC (EE) Awesome!, I'm bored..., *leaves*
  4. ^+1 for josh

    The Empire prolly has better server maintainance and staff on hand than tekkit
  5. EMC (Empire) - Controllable, fun, easy to do without finding it too easy or too hard, and new things!

    EMC (Tekkit) - Laggy, confusing, not normal Minecraft, BORING!
  6. EMC: Cool, Community run, gets boring after you have played since the beginning

    EMC: OP, but tekkit in general never gets boring XD, when you do it legit that is
  7. Its actually really easy to get infinite EMC the legit way.
    1. Have a condenser that makes stone.
    2. Pump the made stone out of it into an autocrafting table that makes stone slabs.
    3. Pump the slabs into the condenser.
    They really messed up when they made the value of stone/cobble the same as their respective slabs. They may have updated since i last played, but just a few weeks ago, i could still do this.
  8. EMC- Fun, Large and Friends

    Tekkit- Gret concept but to glitchy and buggy.
  9. I play legit! :D
  10. same here!
  11. EMC: Awesome Community, Great Server
    EMC: OP Magical Crap
  12. Tekkit stuff including EMC mod-pack is WAY overpowered that's all I can say... We already know how great Empire Minecraft is :D
  13. EMC: It's not community run, but it won't get boring if you play with others, if you see people behind the avatars.

    EMC: idk (yet), but if you get tons of stuff without effort it's probably not worth trying
  14. He was right, 95% of our ideas spawn from the community. :)
  15. Tekkit is so boring and hard.
  16. I have noticed how people are compairing EMC to Tekkit instead of EMC to EMC.
    Doing This:

    Empire Minecraft: Fun Awesome Epic Meow I like Cats Nyan Nyan Cool
    Tekkit: Boring, OP, Blah Blah Blah I like cows

    Most people are comparign EMC to tekkit instead of EMC. EMC is a Currency and a part of the EE mod. Since it is a currency it isn't really overpower instead the things that hook into EMC are the over powered parts. It's like blaming the Dollar for having to pay $40 to have a bank account monthly instead of blaming the bank.

    For those wondering why I haven't posted Empire Weekly it's because I am super sick I feel like crap I feel like imma puke blood any moment yeah I feel that bad... I feel like I could just pass out any mon rve46t678 rtgggggggggggggtyyyyyy
  17. If the condenser is part of the EE mod, then it is overpowered. Just make cobblestone slabs, and condense them into cobble over and over again. Infinite EMC
  18. Also, EMC stads for a lot more things than just thoses two! :p