EMC character skin

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  1. Not sure if this goes here but it's worth a try. I spent the last hour designing a skin for EMC.

    It's like a medival citizen skin, but has EMC logo on the back. Plus a knight's symbol on the front.

    I'm going to try and make the Knight skin to go with it. It'll be like a playset of skins xD

    Here's the picture if u want to use:
    https://i.imgur.com/dBBVn.png (sorry bout size)

    Here's what the full view looks like:

    EDIT: Here's the Knight: (full view)

    Here's picture to get the skin:
  2. Seems legit.
  3. Looks cool, Will add it to my second account player :)
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  4. thanks.

    Anything i should edit that i may of missed? I want it to be as best as it can cause it's for the best server.
  5. added knight's skin.