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  1. Hi guys,
    Posted this thread so I can get recognition for my casino of server, SMP 6. My plot number is 12363, i have been banned so i cannot open it but i should be back on shortly to run it.

    The three games are:

    - Fortune Grabber
    -Guess that Wool and
    - Button Basher

    Fortune Grabber:
    you pay to play, and you get 2 colours shot form dispenser. Those colours are found on the wool grid and the co ordinates are either win or lose.

    Guess that wool:
    You pick 2 colours, one from each dispenser and if one or both come out, you get rupees payout.

    Button Basher:
    my very first game. There is 5 diamonds and the rest is 20 cobble, i press the button for however many times you pay, if diamond comes out you get rupess, if only cobble, nothing.

    Comment any game suggestions you may have and i'll add them into my new casino floor and have an aknowledgement sign above the game with your name on it!