EMC cape?

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  1. I was going to someone's grief party, and I had the cape mod, when I saw that Nick_Godoy had this cape below; and he had no idea he even had it. But how did he get it? 2013-01-05_21.17.13.png 2013-01-05_21.15.47.png
    But this is my cape: 2013-01-05_21.25.19.png
  2. No idea although this is pretty similar to the Optifine cape (visible from an Optifine Minecraft client).
  3. I use MCCapes and not OptiFine for capes.
  4. I looked around and Nick seems to be the only person with one of those capes.
  5. Well Somebody had have to upload the cape on his account.
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  6. Capes with the CapeMod can only be a 10 X 16.
  7. I don't know this mod but I assume donors get's there own custom made cape
  8. It's the cape mod. That cape is 10x16
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  9. Optifine, only has the Optifine cape for donaters (Jack seems to love it...) and its the CapeMod or another version of a cape mod
  10. He must have put it on, but then didn't get the mod and forgot about it?...
  11. How can you put it on without the capemod?
    It's not a 10 x 16 cape. Mine is.
    I looked around, and only he has it.
  12. You upload it online, like you're supposed to?....
  13. Searched "cape mod", why?