EMC Book Competition!

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  1. This Comp Is Closed!
    I dont think I can give good prizes to winners and I cant judge the books by myself maybe sometime soon!
    If a mod reads this please lock this thread!

    Hello EMC!

    I bring to you today the EMC book competition!

    What Can Be Entered?
    Fictional Book
    Non-Fictional Book
    More Coming Soon!

    Me and JabrZer0 Will be thinking of a prize per person etc Any donations really appreciated!

    How Can I Enter?
    Just reply to this thread with:

    pat2011 - Richest in EMC - Fiction

    And post your res number and server and leave a chest with [ACCESS] nfell2009 on it

    Thats All!

    pat2011 - 500r
  2. I want to put in the story of Cosmo the Space Pig! :D
  3. yeah i need a [access] sign above the chest on your res read OP please i didnt put it in
  4. Just an important bit of info here: DO NOT vault the books, they'll become blank.
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  5. why i did the [ACCESS] chest and i think i know why ;)
  6. It'll probably be the same reason as why enchanted items used to lose their enchantments when vaulted.
  7. I'm going to write the story of cocoa the panda ;D (my usernames on all other websites..But he's a steampunk panda)
  8. 1385 smp1
  9. nope i vaulted loads of encanted stuff over nothing happened i think because books are stored as .txt files on A SERVER so when transferred the .txt file isnt there so justin/icc needs to find away to transfere all the .txt to 1 location
  10. *Enters Empire Guide*
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  11. Used to is the key word for what I said. Also, the .txt file is possible, although I'd honestly be surprised if Justin hadn't thought of that.
  12. res + server plz

    Update! Winners books will get mass produced across EMC ! With royalties*
    May may not happen! This is invidiable!!
  13. I'm working on my entry! I'll post here when done!
  14. res 13075 smp6
  15. Ok when i can connect to EMC then i will read through it
  16. come to 1559 SMP1 ASAP
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  17. Just saying I was putting it in later-I'll get writing when I can get back on. ;)
  18. Eh, not sure what to write about.
    Ninja pie?
    Yeah.... Ninja pie...
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  19. when will Empire Weekly do its comp?

    Everyone Please Read Main Post!