[EMC BLOG] The need to be able to comment on post.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by SkareCboi, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. Title say it all.
    Each time I see a new post on the blog, I occasionally would like to comment with my EMC username not one of my social accounts.

    This may be why the current blog setup doesn't have much views as it does come as a completely separate entity form the current EMC forums.

    Any ideas on where improvements could be done for more involvement from the community to the blog. Specifically the ability to comment on the post with a EMC account.
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  2. I totally agree, I would make more Posts on the blog if I could use my EMC account =P
  3. I really know nothing in the way of how all that is set up but I agree...if there is a way to be able you use your EMC user name that would be just too cool. :cool:
  4. I always thought people could, but chose not to. The only time I've used the blog is as a Contributor, and I can comment on articles. Thought that was universal, but nope >.>

    As for the username linking thing: I have no idea if Wordpress and Xenforo can do that with eachother. I'd assume you can, but its beyond my programming language skills :p