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  1. Hi, I recently started to like type up my personal feelings and thoughts or just anything thats on my mind and post to various sites such as my tumblr account. At some point I thought; with some editing to make it PG -13 acceptable, I can post those very same things here. You know, to give the empire an insight on how my mind works and how Im randomly feeling. Just fun and a little comical (at least in my crazy mind!) So Before I actually post anything in this blog forum thread. What are some of the things you might wanna hear about? Are there certain topics you want to know more about? Are there some you just don't want to read about at all? For example: My feelings/ my thoughts on puppies/ my monthly life/ idk anything. You know how a blog works, sometimes like a journal but with some journal unrelated stuff added in between as well. Post your replies here on that and I'll bump this thread for the Americans to read once its their morning as well !

    oh and this OP will get edited once I begin typing up some stuff!
  2. I like the idea, but I think this should be in the "Writers' Corner" Forum Section instead.

    I would like to hear about your puppy :D
  3. So in response to this: Heres a short about my puppy. Nothing long, haven't had him much and not as entertaining as some would like but it was requested xD :

    Thought #3

    So my sister recently got this dog from the pound that I went with her to get. Its a Tri Mix Chihuahua but it doesn't look like a chihuahua and honestly I never thought I would ever own that type of dog. This is an odd Thought Log to type because there isn't much to say about my dog but it was requested from a friend I know so I figured I would give this topic a shot. Anyways, this dog is cute, quiet, and sneaky. I can be walking around the house at any given moment and look behind me and there he is. I will never hear him behind me unless I look. Oh and his name is Shadow (the name he had at the pound). He will try to jump on you wherever you are if you have something tasty in your hands or thinks you do. Every morning I have woken up to Shadow licking my cheeks and sleeping on my bed at the far end. Its honestly the cutest thing I've ever seen in my room. He hasn't eaten much of his dog food ever since my dad throws peach cuttings and ham at him. I get rather upset to that because my dad knows to not do that. I also love it when I hold up his blue furry chew toy and lead him around with it and watch him trying to jump and get it. I give it to him shortly after to reward him for that exercise he be getting haha. He hasn't gotten into much fights with other dogs but he barks at every dog bigger than him and targets small children. Shadow hardly ever barks and when he hears another dog constantly bark, he will give out a bark or 2 but never more. He's rather very calm when he can't see the dogs. He recently learned to go up and down the stairs so thats good. He's not confined to one region of the home now c: I take a few snapchat videos of him and get amazing feed back from my friends. I like that and I like my dog for being a cutey sport. Haha I guess I tried being a bit like L with her cats. I haven't taken him on much walks myself but my sister usually does that and he LOVES to chase cars. He just wants to take a bite out of all of them. I never had a dog that defined the quote "Dog Chasing Cars". Anyhow. I am going to stop now, There isn't much to say now since he's only been with my family for a small fraction of time.

    This Entry isn't supposed to be comical because its more thought explanatory on how things are daily I guess xD
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