EMC Birthday - AMA

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  1. Hello Everyone! Some of you i know, most of you i dont. :p
    Today is the 9th of july, exactly 1 year ago I was doing the tutorial and going into this amazing server. To this day I dont regret it.
    I started EMC with a warm welcome of Cronus48 (i believe thats his name). To start off, he gave me full iron armour AND diamond sword. I couldnĀ“t of thanked him more for these wonderful items, so then i bought some food from herbrin3's shop and went to the wild to get resources. I spent about 2 weeks in the wild and came back with a lot of good items. I never saw Cronus ever again, altought the /p says he's sometimes on. I made a friend called xMiNeCrAfT_kInGx and another called Bibix123. They were all someone could ask of a friend. Untill they went into this "minecraft relationship" that was rediculous and ended up on king banned bibix for a build on her res and king then banning himself for spam. In the middle of this mess I started talking to one of bibix's friends, called buildandcraft. She was a bit weird, but she was also a very good friend. Then she stopped playing for a while and i just forgot about her.
    Skipping all the months of creations I build in my res I started becoming friends with someone called, who would guess, J_A_D_E_1_6, or as most people know her now, JCPlugs. I had lots of fun chatting with her, later on I became friends with 2 people who are still my friends today, Technologygeek and Vegawood. Buildandcraft also started playing again under the username LeaR98, and we became friends again.
    I turned into a gold supporter in the end of march 2013 and i claimed another res, 19444. On this res i started the biggest project i had ever put together in Minecraft, my skyscraper. After 4 months of work i still only really made the structure, and the build is really making me bored of minecraft, i pretty much already hate the skyscraper... BUT i wont let my time go to waist, i WILL finish it if its the last thing i do in EMC. Please, it would mean a lot to me if you could check it out and give me your opinion on it.

    Ill just skip ahead to the current day, of my first year on EMC, and say to all of those who i did and didnt mention, Thank You, from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful experience.

    Thank you all for making this the most amazing server out there and thanks to all the administrators, senior staff and moderators that make this stay an amazing server, keep up the good work. :)

  2. Happy EMC Birthday! Well done on this great achievement, keep on craftin'! ;)
  3. Thank you, good luck on your EMC life as well. :D
  4. Bumpin' thread. :D
  5. Excellent job making it to a year!
    Do you think I'm pretty?
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  6. thank you, uh, sure, why not, your beautiful :rolleyes:
  7. Bump for being the accual day of my birthday....
  8. Happy B-Day!!! :D