EMC Birthday 365 Days

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  1. So guys it's been a year since I realized this server and its bee such a great time, and I've really made some good friends and seen some old friends. and have been in a lot and done a lot since I started in this server.

    So this is the time Im making a DP at smp9 res 18016 10th Of jan 2014 4 days away time will be 11 pm for UK and 6 pm for EST. I'm hoping to see as many people as possible who can make it and get some cool things from the drop, if you want to help please donate items to res 18016 to the right hoppers and on the left there is a event, you can buy a ticket rename it with your name and you are entered into the event and when the DP is done I will say who won the event. and in the DP if you don't think you got enough good stuff or didn't get anything at all please contact me after its done and you might get some special :). here is where the DP will be at I know its a little small I don't really know how many people will turn up so : ).

  2. I hate when school gets in the way of EMC :(. Happy birthday though :)
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  3. Hope to be there!
  4. I can't be there, as all 3 of my accounts are down :(. Happy EMC Birthday though :D!
  5. Will be there
  6. I'll be there! :D
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  7. 11pm. Sorry, can't make it. :(
  8. This shall be fun... mwahah
  9. Congratz on 1 year! :D Sadly I can't make it for it's at 11pm :(
  10. DP Starts in 29 Minutes : )
  11. I'll be there bud. :)
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  12. If you didnt get something that good please PM Me on teh site and i can see what i can do, sorry went into a massive lag pile
  13. Thanks To Everyone Who come to my year, it was great fun, after most of the people left where the best stuff was the 8 droppers wasn't working so when i got that fix people got even more happy : ). but thanks to everyone who came and people who entered the contest. i hope you all had fun and thanks for coming.