EMC App?

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Good idea?

Yes 11 vote(s) 84.6%
No 1 vote(s) 7.7%
I would use it to donate through 1 vote(s) 7.7%
  1. I was on an iPad the other day, on the forums, when I had an idea, (or 2)
    Yes I know this would be a lot of work BUT:
    Maybe a possible EMC forums app for android/iOS (free or reasonable price)that allows you to browse the forums OR donate through it.
    And then I thought, most people wouldn't pay for the app itself so how about being able to donate say to get iron through the app, or even donate for rupees through it.
    Yes this would be a lot of work so I know it prob wont be used but just in case :).
    Vote if you want just to see how many people would use it etc.
  2. Okay
    Since Im the lead (Kind of) dev for the Android version, Let me just clear this out.
    There is one in dev currently. Its right now on number 1019 on the list of things to code for Aikar and Justin.
    So just wait and see.
    Aikar will get the stuff done some time, Its just a matter of when ,Not if :p
  3. I've always wanted a emc app on my android phone. Maybe if you did have to pay a small prices for it (like 69p) then supporters would get the app for free as part of the supporter package? Just a idea
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  4. Maybe, If Aikar can code that for me :)
    Also, There is an Android app that nfell2009 made.
    Howewer, Its pretty simple and is deved using a website app creator thingy.
    But to be honest, Its the only EMC app that is working :)
  5. cool perk, but would be hard to verify.
  6. Okey dokey :)
  7. Not really for the Android app.
    The problem would be for aikar :p
  8. No matter for Aikar or a noob building some dirt house, it's a problem.
  9. lol an EMC app made by a Banned player :3
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  10. Lol you can access and post on the forums using an iPad, in fact that's where I'm posting from now :)